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Fan fiction and fan media relating to the 1988-1991 ABC Vietnam War Drama "China Beach"
Welcome: The Annoying Kind of R&R (Rules and Regulations)

Welcome one and all to what I hope will be the springboard for a real China Beach fan media archive one day. This community will accept fan fiction, fan videos, picspams, and anything else fannish that you care to post relating to the show China Beach. Just a few rules before we get started:

1. Fic can be rated anywhere from G to M. We like to use the typical system here:
G = General Audiences. Literally anyone could read this without getting upset, squicked out, or falling into some sort of illegality.
PG = Parental Guidance. A kid could read this, but there's some stuff that might be a little rough on the psyches of the littlest ones.
PG-13 = Parental Guidance for those under 13. A teenager shouldn't have much problem with this story, but anyone younger than that is at risk of reading something they (or their parents) just didn't want them to.
R = Restricted. No one under 17 should read this without a parent or guardian there to be all...guardian-y.
NC-17 = No Children under 17. No one 16 or younger should ever read this. Ever. AT ALL.
M = Mature. No one under 18 should ever read this. Ever. AT ALL.

Also, when rating your fic, include a few warnings about WHY it gets the rating it does. If you're having a hard time deciding on a rating, pass the story along to a beta reader, or me, for rating suggestions.

2. When posting a fic, please post the following header info with it.

Pairing (if any)
Summary (if you have one)

3. If a fic is more than a 100 word drabble, please place the body of it behind a cut.

4. When posting a multi-chapter piece, consider posting links to the previous chapters in the header info. It's just courteous to someone who wants to read or re-read the earlier sections.

5. Tag your stories. We'll have a list off to the side of author, pairing, rating, and other sorts of tags. Here's an example. Say I've written a conversation story between Boonie and Sweetness. The tags MIGHT look like this:

author: nvr_sk_to_tll, character: boonie, character: sweetness, fic, gen
(If there's not a tag for one or more things you need, use !tag and I'll go check it out and get you set up.)

6. Fan videos embedded or linked from YouTube or the various other video sites are welcome. Just be sure to post a little info about the vid along with it, and if you do more than one, put those after the first behind a cut.

7. Picspams, icons, banners, etc. are welcome. Just be sure to put them behind a cut!

8. Lists of your favorite episodes, clips of favorite scenes embedded, or just fan reminiscence are welcome.

9. We might run occasional polls about fave episodes, characters, performers, etc. Feel free to vote and comment with why you chose the way you did. Just don't attack others for their choice.

10. Let's all try to be pretty courteous to each other. Try to be constructive in your comments/criticisms on people's fics/vids/graphics, and if you're going to get into an argument with someone, take it outside of the comments and to private messages or e-mail.

And remember: Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful war!

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